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Siauliai "Ausros" museum cordially invites you to visit the exhibition "Fashion of еру Victorian Era 1837–1901" from Alexandre Vassiliev's collection (Paris–Moscow2Vilnius). The exhibition, which takes you to the fashion world of the 19th c. and reveals the main features of men's and women's costumes of romanticism and modern eras, is presented in November 21, 2014 – March 22, 2015 in Chaimas Frenkelis Villa (Vilniaus str. 74, Siauliai).

You will have the opportunity to diversify your visit with guided excursion. A guide will tell you about particularly rare costumes for men and women worn during Queen Victoria reign, which were designed in famous fashion houses, such as Worth, Doucet or Paquin started in 1857 in Paris. You will see rare antique accessories: garters, corsets, combs, purses, evening purses and handbags, fans, umbrellas, hats, jewelry, lorgnettes and many other, now forgotten, clothes accessories. Of special interest are evening dresses of the 6th – 7th decades of the 19th c., crinolines made of taffeta and the dresses with bustles for walks which were worn in the 7th – 8th decades of the 19th c.

At the end of the 19th c. the modern, otherwise jugend, style triumphed in clothes fashion, under the influence of Japanese culture. The bright aniline fabric colours were changed by soft pastel water translucent shade tones. Floral motifs became fashionable: poppies, flags, hydrangeas. This was particularly reflected in the applied art works created in 1890–1900: fans, embroideries, jewelry.


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