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21st May 2016, 18.00–24.00 in Šiauliai the events of international project "European Night of Museums 2016", on the theme "The Flowering of a Rose at Night" will take place. "Busturas" buses will run according to night-service routes. Events are free.


CHAIMAS FRENKELIS VILLA AND PARK (Vilniaus str. 74, Šiauliai)

18.00–24.00. Electric organ improvisations, manor attractions, interactive excursions and creative workshop.
19.00–24.00. Live music evening in villa park.
During the event Chaimas Frenkelis villa park cafe will be open.


PHOTOGRAPHY MUSEUM (Vilniaus str. 140, Šiauliai)

18.00–24.00. Interactive educational activity in an international exhibition "A Take on Vintage Photography".
21.00–24.00. Live music concerts on museum terrace.
During the event, the cafe will be open on the terrace



20.00–23.00. Little shepherds' games and joys: tasting of home made bread, potatoes baked on camp-fire, herbal tea, games.
20.00, 21.00 and 22.00. Excursions with lanterns in Žaliūkiai village windmill.
22.30–1.00. Observation of stars together with astrophysicists from Young Technicians Centre.


BICYCLE MUSEUM (Vilniaus str. 139)

18.00–24.00. Creative workshop "Invent a Bicycle".
18.00–20.00, 22.00–24.00. Video presentation of historical photographs "The History of Bicycles".


RADIO AND TELEVISION MUSEUM (Vilniaus str. 174, Šiauliai)

18.00–19.00. Listening to fairy tales vinyl records and creative workshop.
19.00–24.00. Exhibition "Šiauliai in the History of Lithuanian Radio".
18.00–22.00. Improvised vinyl records games on pedestrian boulevard.


ŠIAULIAI CINEMA MUSEUM (Aušros al. 15, Šiauliai)

21.00–23.00. Movie retrospective "Lithuanian Provincial Movie".


ŠIAULIAI RAILROAD MUSEUM (Dubijos str. 26, Šiauliai)

18.00–24.00. Night walks along the railway: the open-air exposition of antique steam locomotives, a visit to a restored ticket office at railway station of interwar period in Lithuania, acquaintance with the exhibits on railway history.


MUSEUM OF WATER FACILITIES (Vytauto str. 103, Šiauliai)

18.00–24.00. UAB "Šiaulių vandenys" history, the stages of development of city water supply and sewage system, its development and modernization, staff's traditions.


V. KAVALIAUSKIENĖ CATS MUSEUM (Žuvininkų str. 18, Šiauliai)

18.00–24.00. Acquaintance with "museum director" – the cat Perlas and four thousand cats from all over the world; exotic and domestic animals' corner.



18.00–24.00. A sleepless night at the gymnasium: musical evening "School Yard Melodies and Rhythms", educational programme "I Can Write Well", history signs in school corridors and museum.


NATIONAL DOLLS MUSEUM (Vilniaus str. 213, Šiauliai)

18.00–24.00. Acquaintance with countries through national costumes. Trying on and recognition of national costumes, the test on finding a doll according to a picture, crossword on the symbols of countries.


Special "Busturas" buses will run on routes joining all museums from 18.00 to 1.00. (you have to pay bus fare)
City buses will run according to Saturday timetable, and buses no. 1, 12, 18, 21, 24 – till 1.00.

Organizer – Šiauliai "Aušros" Museum.

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