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  October 2018  
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The only specialized and devoted to the history of bicycles museum in Lithuania welcomes the visitors with renewed, interactive, adapted for children and youth exposition „Bicycle in the world of technologies". In the renewed part of museum exposition the interactive stand with virtual tracks of highway bicycle is created. A visitor only has to sit on a bicycle, choose the route, pedal and plunge into the sensations of virtual track. In this way everyone can try highway bicycles sport.

Those who want to compete are offered to try out the interactive stand "Race of Centuries". The race with the modern bicycle and the wooden bicycle, which was built several centuries ago, will provide much joy for both adults and children.

Non-traditional means of transport – velomobile is introduced as well by which the visitors are invited to travel virtually round Šiauliai. The recreation zone is equipped for the visitors' convenience. The special information space is created for those who want to learn more.

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